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The Guided Math framework developed by Laney Sammons provides teachers with a flexible instructional format that allows them to meet the diverse needs of their students. Schools throughout the country are adopting small-group instruction for mathematics to promote conceptual understanding, problem solving ability, and computational fluency. 

Although Laney is retiring from most of her consulting work, she is proudly collaborating with Education Resource Group in the United States to provide high quality professional development aligned with her Guided Math framework. Carefully vetted consultants are trained by Laney to offer overview Guided Math training, provide demonstration small-group lessons, and offer embedded coaching to support Guided Math implementation.

Bring a Laney Sammons trained consultant to your school to support teachers as they implement Guided Math in your school.

For more information, click here to contact Laney.


Laney Sammons

Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction


for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

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